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Adem Gümrükçüler

Filmmaker | Photographer


Adem Gümrükçüler is a versatile filmmaker and photographer with storytelling skills. Based in Rotterdam, his journey began with a passion for cinema in Istanbul.

Adem studied cinema in Istanbul and kickstarted his career as a director’s assistant at TRT, a government-owned TV channel. His talent quickly led to his promotion to director, where he directed the TV show "Zirvedekiler" for a couple of years.

After transitioning to independent work, Adem created content for renowned brands such as Samsung, Nescafe, Azimut, and Momentus. His commercial photos were featured at the prestigious Basel World exhibition in Switzerland in 2017.

Adem has produced short films, documentaries, and music videos collaborating with international artists and contributing to festivals like the Imaginary Band Land Festival, and Rotterdam Architecture Month.

Adem’s work includes producing videos and photographs for organizations like Theater Utrecht, Innovation: Lab and DOX. His diverse portfolio showcases his versatility and commitment to the arts and culture sector.

Currently, Adem continues to work independently, focusing on filmmaking, documentaries, and artistic photography. His ongoing projects reflect his dedication to capturing and creating compelling visual narratives.

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