Director | Photographer

Adem Gumrukculer was born at Alanya, Turkey in 1987. He moved to Istanbul for his studies at the Maltepe University in 2009, where he successfully graduated from the faculty of Radio Film & Television. During this time he has participated in several photography and video projects at national and international levels.

After graduating, he started working in the media industry as an assistant director at TRT-1. His talent and ambition got him escalated to directing of the TV-show about personal success stories named ‘’ZİRVEDEKİLER’’ – Peak Point in EN.

In the following years he expanded his portfolio with freelance projects in photography and videography. Later on, he pivoted to digital marketing and MCNs where gained experience in influencer marketing campaigns. He developed several projects with multi-agency partners for Samsung and Nescafe. He also claimed the video production and content management of global brands such as Azimut Turkey.

Samsung Note 5’s groundbreaking ‘‘Creativity starts with a pen” Youtube video has been watched more than 100,000 in a week.
The live gaming broadcast on twitch.tv for Nescafe has been reached to 2.3 million active users in four weeks.

Now he continues his career in the Netherlands by producing a digital content, creating commercial projects for several brands in Turkey and in the Netherlands.

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